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How To Start An Online Store Without Inventory

How To Start An Online Boutique Store Without Inventory

So you have decided that you want to start an online store selling products online. However, you are struggling to come up with the finances to purchase wholesale inventory in advance. This article shares my top tips to starting an online store without inventory. So if you want to start an online store with no inventory, then read on!

Step 1 – Find A Niche

The first step to starting an online store or boutique with no inventory is to come up with a niche or business idea. What type of online store do you want to start? Is it clothing, shoes hair, accessories, etc. If you don’t already know what products you want to sell in your online store, then now is the time to start brainstorming on some ideas.

Step 2 – Your Website

The second step to starting an online store without inventory is to get your website up and running. Your website is the platform whereby your customers will find you, purchase your products and generate you money. To get your website up and running, you need a domain name and a hosting platform. You can get a domain name at Namecheap and Hosting for your online store at Shopify.

Step 3 – Inventory

With a niche and website ready, its time to get some products or inventory to list on your website for sale. The most popular way of sourcing inventory is through buying wholesale. However this requires a huge investment. But since we are talking about starting an online store without inventory, let’s look at this powerful method called Dropshipping. Dropshipping is the process whereby you don’t have to buy any products in advance, instead you list the products for sale on your website, a customer buys from you,  you then pass the order over to the supplier for fulfilment and shipment of the product out to your customer. You can find out more on drop shipping and how it works at 

Step 4 – Marketing

Once you have a website up and running, its time to  promote it and start generating some sales to your new online store. You can start promoting your online store using strategies such as Search Engine Optimisation marketing and social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


Then why not checkout the Run Boutique Academy where you can learn more indepth information step by step how to start your own online boutique store from scratch.

So these are my top tips to starting an online boutique store with no inventory. Feel free to share your views below and all the best in your business success.

Denise. xx


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