Hello there and welcome to the Startup Reine Network. My name is Denise Ulasi founder of the “Startup Reine” Network. I am an online entrepreneur, business coach and author of the 21 Day Boss book, with over 9 years of experience working within the Financial, Retail and Banking sectors.

I started my first ever online business back in 2012 selling information products online and since that first payment notification, I have never looked back and have since launched 6 different online businesses. With over 6 years of experience working in the digital space, I have built a lot of invaluable experience which I am now willing to share with and help others. I release weekly youtube videos offering free business tips to inspire female entrepreneurs in the digital space. I also offer several online training courses at the Run Boutique Academy and Income Reap Academy all aimed towards helping you start an online business from scratch.

If you are interested in working with me, then you can either check my online courses or feel free to contact me directly for one on one mentorship and coaching by CLICKING HERE.


To empower and inspire female entrepreneurs into starting their own online businesses


To become the number one leading network and community for helping female entrepreneurs and women in business.